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Sally Scott latest news...

Trees Light and Skies Exhibition!

Trees Light and Skies

Watercolour and Mixed Media Exhibition at the Ashdown Forest Centre, Wych Cross, East Sussex RH18 5JP

From May 6th 2016 until September 30th 2016

2 - 5 pm Weekdays

11 - 5pm Weekends

Very exciting as this is my first exhibition! 

The bright ones!

Latest paintings.......

''Voyage''   acrylic on canvas 90x40cm approximately £145 

''Rhododendron Glow'' acrylic ink and watercolour 50x70cm framed £150


Wedding Stationery

Timelessly romantic, hand painted wedding stationery. Invitations, place settings, guest seating plan and anything your special day requires. Email me for details and I'll tailor make your beautiful wedding stationery to order. Choose your favourite flower or theme and I'll paint it! Prices are from £2.50 per piece. Allow 4 - 6 weeks but best to allow ample time.  Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details. 



Christmas Pudding Cards!

                                                Only £2 each, hand painted, full of flavour and festive fun!



Forest Collection

Walking through forest and woodland is one of my favourite pastimes. I never forget how lucky I am to live in an area rich in oak, ash, silver birch, hawthorn, blackthorn and such a variety of species here in the Sussex Weald.

Sketchbook in hand and the little set of watercolours and brushes filling the pockets of my old mole skin jacket, I set out most days to explore the landscape, often coming across unexpected views or a change of light and shadow that I fall in love with and am compelled to quickly paint. It's this element of the unknown that keeps things alive and wonderful when you're painting.


                                                 Silver Birch on the Forest

                                                 80 x 60 cm Watercolour and Ink



                                                Morning on Hindleap Warren, Ashdown Forest

                                                  80 x 60 Watercolour and Ink



                                                                 Hindleap Warren at Dusk, Ashdown Forest

                                                           80 x 60 Watercolour and Ink



                                                   Winter Near a Millbrook Stream, Ashdown Forest

                                          80 x 60 Watercolour and Ink



                                                      Winter at Millbrook, Ashdown Forest

                                                   80 x 60 Watercolour and Ink



                              Forest Magic

                            40 x 20 cm watercolour and ink



Tutti Frutti!

Inspired by ice cream...not sure why I'm thinking about that on a cold, rainy day here in Sussex.  

This overindulgent darling is oozing with colour and calories but won't put a pound on you...perfect!

£250      80 x 60 cm waterbased mixed media on heavy watercolour paper.



Food Painting on the Floor!

It's hungry work but someone's got to paint 'em......and short of space in my bedroom/studio, the only place is on the floor!     

Actually, there's something really satisfying about painting food....the swirl or icing on a fairy cake (I refuse to Americanise that word!), the shine on a lobster shell and the pretty, pastel macaroons, all whet your appetite nicely. So fingers crossed they'll be gobbled off the walls in Mayfield's new cafe!

This is how it all looked an hour ago, so I'll keep you posted once the paint comes out.

....sometime later....

Then, the bit I really love doing (which normally I'd leave until the end but today I just can't wait!)....the GOLD FINGER!

...easy does it....

Big red tomatoes!

And for the main course....

et le fin de lobster!


Pink Cabbages in Mayfield

I’ve just had the most delicious slice of lemon cake in our village’s fabulous new café…The Pink Cabbage!
I’m painting little gift tags for them to sell and will be supplying my watercolour paintings for display on their walls. It’s a wonderful place to go and relax with the homely smells of baking and cooking.
Run by lovely Lucy too who’s always there with a beaming smile. I love it!


Third pastel painting in Court Meadow, Mayfield, East Sussex

This is the third in the series of pastel paintings of Mayfield. I painted this one sitting on the bench on the path down to the right of Court Meadow. I'll mount them up and put them on display in the Mayfield Gallery very soon.



Pastel Painting in Court Meadow, Mayfield, East Sussex

Another lovely day pastel painting today! This is looking east from the wonderful Court Meadow in Mayfield.



Beautiful Summer Views in Mayfield, East Sussex

We're so lucky living in here in the Sussex Weald. Yesterday's summer sunshine bathed the landscape in a mellow, easy glow like an afternoon of just had to relax.

Jack and I wandered down the lane with my old box of chalk pastels to find a view. It didn't take long before we stopped in front of two old oast houses and settled down to paint...(well, one of us painted, one of us went off to find blackberries..!)  Quite a few very nice, friendly people were enjoying a walk too and one couple knew the oasts very well as he was born in one of them in the 1920's. He recounted memories of his mother fetching water from the well at the top and the miller,  living in the second oast,  during stormy nights, would have to rush to Argos Windmill, a mile or two away, to tend to the sails.

My pastels, bought for me in 1996 by an old, fellow market trader,  back in the days when I sold my work at Crawley market and could get away with eating giant breakfasts called 'torpedoes', still produce lovely vibrant colours on the page and I'm rather pleased with this little piece. I'll do some more (weather permitting) and make a set to sell.





Geraniums - painted in acrylic or watercolour?

                    Geraniums in acrylic.                        Geraniums painted in watercolour

I've just been outside watering all my geraniums...ok, I know, they're really pelargoniums, but I can't get out of the habit of calling them geraniums!

Despite the grey clouds today, the rain's not arrived in this part of East Sussex so it's time to get out the watering cans. My little terrace garden here in Mayfield now means regular watering's essential because everything's planted in pots! I rather like things growing in pots and it reminded me of two rather different painting styles I seem to have.

Look at the difference between painting in big, bold acrylic and painting in the mellow tones of watercolour. Which do you prefer? Right....back outside now...



Les petits bleu & La mer

Les petits bleu - £39 each - 12x4 inch acrylic on half inch deep box canvas(NOW SOLD but similar can be painted on request) & La mer - £69 - 20x8 inch acrylic on 1.5 inch deep box canvas.


2013 Summer heats up

''2013 Summer heats up with these little fact, they're not so little, they're 12 x 40''  (1m x 30cm)  on box canvas and at a mere £150 each with no need to spend money on framing, they'll transform your room and transport you to hot and tropical places!''


Lindfield Scenes

The pretty West Sussex village of Lindfield has a fascinating history. Its High Street follows an ancient north-south track that has existed for thousands of years, long before the Romans built a major road a mile to the west of the village.

First appearing as Lindefeldia, ‘open land with lime trees’, in a Saxon charter of 765 AD, in which King Ealdwulf granted lands for the building of a Minster church, by Domesday the lands were held by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

King Edward III recognised the importance of medieval Lindfield and in 1343 granted the town a royal charter to hold a market every Thursday and two annual eight day fairs. For centuries the fairs continued each April and August with the summer fair becoming one of the largest sheep sales in Sussex.

Lindfield was once part of the thriving Wealden iron industry. As early as 1539, William Levett of Buxted, a county curate with a thriving sideline in iron and armaments, was recorded as extracting iron ore at Lindfield. Later the Henslowe family of Lindfield were actively engaged in the iron milling business in association with Ralph Hogge, parson Levett's former servant and later a majorironmaster in his own right.

In 1841 the London-Brighton railway opened, passing to the west of the parish with a ‘Station for Cuckfield and Lindfield Towns’ on open land that was to become the town of Haywards Heath. The construction of the Ouse Valley branch line reached Lindfield in 1866 with a proposed station to the north of All Saints’ Church but the line was abandoned for financial reasons.

Charles Eamer Kempe, a leading church stained glass designer and manufacturer lived at Lindfield until his death in 1907. Kempe renovated and redocorated an Elizabethan manor house near the village which he renamed Old Place, from where he entertained clients and professional partners.

I'm working on a set of Lindfield scenes, all of which will be exhibitted at the Toll House Gallery.

Here are the first four, now on display and for sale at £140 each, mounted and framed or £40 as a mounted, ready to frame, print.






The Toll House Gallery

The Toll House Gallery, Lindfield will be exhibiting my work from February 1st 2013 so come along and see!

        The building is wonderfully quirky, beamed and a bit higgledy piggledy - a real treasure trove of artwork, vintage clothes and unusual gift ideas. They have a wonderful cafe and an amazing bread oven too!



                                 Address: 56 High Street, Lindfield, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 2HL
                                                                                Phone:01444 482200
This watercolour (approximately 14"x11" will be for sale in the Toll House Gallery, framed price £135 for the original, prints available mounted for £45)



Happy New Year with East Grinstead Living Magazine!

I'm delighted that East Grinstead Living (I nearly wrote Loving there!!) Magazine have put a detail of my 'Cottage at Standen' watercolour on this month's front cover.

The original is on display now at the Mayfield Gallery for under £100. (10 x 12" image size).


Click here




I nearly forgot....

Merry Christmas 2012 everyone!

Christmas late night opening in the Mayfield Gallery. Grant Inkster and Jack in Henry VIII attire!!

Fir Toll Commission

Fir Toll, on the outskirts of Mayfield, has been a really interesting and quirky commission and I've loved planning and painting it. The family were delighted with the finished piece.
This commission cost £225

Yeomans, Mayfield, East Sussex

Yeomans, Fletching Street, Mayfield.


Watercolour  14" x 12" approx   £190 Sold



Mayfield Scenes Prove Popular!

The Mayfield Gallery, High Street, Mayfield, run by the friendly and expert picture framer Grant Inkster, is the place to come for all your framing needs. Grant's run it for over seven years now and is well respected here in our wonderful village.

Sales of my Mayfield scenes have been a real hit and are flying out of the gallery's door and to top that, the commissions are coming in now too. This week I've been working on a particularly interesting one; a sixteen bedroomed house belonging to one of our locals. Now that's a lot of bedding....!


Old Cottage, Mayfield, East Sussex, Watercolour for sale now!

Old Cottage Mayfield


Original watercolour and ink pen original. 12 x 9". £175.

For sale at the Mayfield Gallery, High Street, Mayfield, East Sussex. 01435 873 616. Framing available at the gallery.


Pumpkins in 1978!


Here's a Halloween blast from the past...circa and my brother holding a pumpkin grown by our Dad at our house in Oxted. Those were the days! I loved painting even back then and remember getting a collage making set one Christmas with lots of little orange lentil seeds in it that went everywhere. Great fun!


Autumn walks...

As an artist, a vital element of my work is feeding my inspiration. Walking is perfect for this and I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of Sussex with walks and rambles practically on the doorstep.

Here’s a lovely circular walk that’ll blow the cobwebs and put an autumns spring in your step! )

The beech leaves were like golden embers as I walked alongside the stream running by the old ironworks and despite a grey mist of rain, I came back all aglow with an armful of twigs and sticks ready for an evening fire, Antiques Roadshow and casserole!



Old Cottage

Mayfield is the most beautiful East Sussex village! Even in this morning's fog it has an intriguing tranquility and timelessness that I love.. I can almost hear the whispers of the ghostly residents of the past; the wool smugglers 'Owling', Queen Elizabeth I's visits to the Palace of the Archbishop of Canterbury, now the girls' boarding school, the cries of the wife locked up like Bertha Rochester in the attic of the Middle House pub. Then along the old red bricked pavements by Stone Court, formerly the work house and on towards Yeomans, a statement of the former wealth of the iron industry here, black and white and beamed and unpretentiously grand.

Queen Victoria came to Mayfield as a young girl and left her silver- topped riding crop as a memento and interestingly, Sir Thomas Brook, the sculptor who engraved the portrait of Victoria used on coins in the late 1890's, is buried here in the Mayfield churchyard.

I've just begun the first of many paintings I'm doing of Mayfield buildings and scenes to be displayed in the window of the Mayfield Gallery throughout December. This first one is going to be one of my favourites I's 'Old Cottage', originally built in about 1580 and wonderfully wonky. A little gem of lost history.



Painting again...

Autumn is definitely here along with some sunshine at last!  I've been out and about looking for painting inspiration....look at's near the idyllic village of Mayfield, East Sussex.


Sunbursts and Sunflowers!

Oh I just love painting with these acrylics!! They're so satisfying and really pack a punch of instant colour. I'm using these handsome, chunky little box canvasses so they'll be really easy to display and easy for you to hang. No framing required here! Yeah! These make fun and funky prezzies for everyone, so have a look at buy online or at a discounted price at my craft fairs. (See 'where to buy' section for dates and details).









Choose something different for Christmas!

Well it's grey November but I'm getting Christmassy in my little workshop making Christmas cards, New Year's cards, Christmas gift tags and lots of exciting new ideas to help make your Christmas a bit different and very original. Look at 'Shop' to see what I've been painting.

Even if you're only spending a little bit on someone this year, make it look that extra bit special by adding one of my Christmas gift tags and sending one of my new super duper original, hand painted...yes really! I'm up all night long like a Christmas elf at the moment....Christmas and New Year cards.

Don't forget to look at 'Where to Buy' for details of my up coming fairs and sales.


Viva L'Accordion!




Latest News..

Isn't this weather amazing!!! I'm digging in my garden...sewing lettuces and spinach and attempting to save an Acer that's looking rather forlorn..

I'm also practising the accordion ready for a May Day Maypole to...this space! (I'm going further up the garden at the request of my co habitees).............!

Just a reminder that I'm no longer at Orchard Nursery and with National Trust work commitments, am unable to take on as many commissions. Please still email any enquiries as I've not given up painting all together.

Enjoy the sun...




Watercolours Across the Crystal Seas...

I'm just home from another trip to one of Freya's University interviews....I'm slowly getting used to the idea of her leaving the nest.....slowly! She's such a joy and is so excited and enthusiastic about the Animation Degree courses she's applying for. On her last interview they offered her a place there and then! This one was a little more challenging, all good practice I explained to her in the Burger King we found ourselves in straight afterwards...bit different from the wonderful little Italian restaurant we'd had dinner in last night...followed by a freezing sprint (thank goodness as I had a massive plate of amazing linguine.....ah!!!)..back to our Travelodge for the night!

Checked my emails and was delighted to see that one of them was an order to go across the sea to Belfast...dear old town that I'd spent my Uni days.....way back in the late 80's. So that's brilliant and it'll be winging it's way to my very good customer...Hooray!





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