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Art, Italy and Music

Well, these are my three great loves. I've been painting a place called 'Parnham House' for  an American customer and find myself listening to Sibelius' 4th and 6th Symphonies - funny how some of my paintings flow better with certain music, and for some reason, these pieces were just right. Freya painted along with me last night, she's painted some fabulous geese using acrylics.

I was looking through some old photos this morning and came across this one of Jack, my son, about four years ago when he would have been two or three, trying his hand at some culinary delights!  He still loves to cook - supervised carefully of course - and frequently 'helps' me around the kitchen.

I'm in quite an Italian mood this weekend and want to try to make some bruschetta. An Italian friend from Pienza has just sent me an old favourite recipe for 'La Paesana', a Tuscan pasta dish which I remember having as a child in Italy. You might like to try it too, washed down with a bottle of Chianti Classico naturally!

Heat some olive oil and add chopped onion.

When that's nicely done, mix hot pasta (straight out of the water) and add a couple of egg yolks and grated parmesan.

And there you have it - Buon Appetito!




Hot Hot Hot!

What a hot day! It was over 30 Degrees here in the South East. The children and I splashed about in the paddling pool after school. The smell of pine in the heat really reminds me of wonderful holidays in the South of France; just so evocative...especially with a few olives and a glass of Bandol.  Mmm, dream on....better sell some more paintings first...!

Talking of food - I know, I'm meant to be painting all the time, but food is my second love...Freya, my wonderful daughter, made a scrummy pudding for some friends last Saturday..Chocolate Mousse with home grown raspberries. A definite ten out of ten Freyzy!





Cuvee de Sussex!

Wednesday 24th June 2009


This morning I checked the progress of my elderflower champagne. To my delight, there was indeed an array of tiny bubbles working their way up the bottle in regimented lines. So satisfying to think that the natural yeasts of the flowers trigger this process. Useless at resisting temptation, I decided to try a little - fizzing as I unscrewed the top, the heady scent of summer hit like a genie....nectar! I have to say, it's rather good. Better make some more while the sun's out.  

Have any of you ever tried this? I'd love to hear your home brew stories!




Cuvee de Sussex Champagne



Elderflower Champagne

The children and I lit a bonfire this morning and Freya made dough sticks for us to cook on the ends of hazel sticks!

I've just bottled four bottles of elderflower champagne. Last year's batch didn't ferment properly and ended up going cloudy, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. One year we had a bottle explode across the dining room, narrowly missing Jack, so I've 'averted' the risk and stored them in the old privy in the garden. Will spend tomorrow painting more daisies as Blue Daisy Shower has just sold.


Welcome to the Sally Scott Watercolours Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog!

What a beautiful evening. I’ve been writing out here by my little pond. The night scented stock flowers are wafting their heady fragrance all around tonight. They’re amazing little flowers that I’d love to paint. Trouble is, they only open at night.  Think I’ll start painting the poppies that have just opened this week. They’re a really soft pink this year and almost popped out of their hair capsules like a magic trick. Amazing!


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