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Geraniums - painted in acrylic or watercolour?

                    Geraniums in acrylic.                        Geraniums painted in watercolour

I've just been outside watering all my geraniums...ok, I know, they're really pelargoniums, but I can't get out of the habit of calling them geraniums!

Despite the grey clouds today, the rain's not arrived in this part of East Sussex so it's time to get out the watering cans. My little terrace garden here in Mayfield now means regular watering's essential because everything's planted in pots! I rather like things growing in pots and it reminded me of two rather different painting styles I seem to have.

Look at the difference between painting in big, bold acrylic and painting in the mellow tones of watercolour. Which do you prefer? Right....back outside now...



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