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Beautiful Summer Views in Mayfield, East Sussex

We're so lucky living in here in the Sussex Weald. Yesterday's summer sunshine bathed the landscape in a mellow, easy glow like an afternoon of just had to relax.

Jack and I wandered down the lane with my old box of chalk pastels to find a view. It didn't take long before we stopped in front of two old oast houses and settled down to paint...(well, one of us painted, one of us went off to find blackberries..!)  Quite a few very nice, friendly people were enjoying a walk too and one couple knew the oasts very well as he was born in one of them in the 1920's. He recounted memories of his mother fetching water from the well at the top and the miller,  living in the second oast,  during stormy nights, would have to rush to Argos Windmill, a mile or two away, to tend to the sails.

My pastels, bought for me in 1996 by an old, fellow market trader,  back in the days when I sold my work at Crawley market and could get away with eating giant breakfasts called 'torpedoes', still produce lovely vibrant colours on the page and I'm rather pleased with this little piece. I'll do some more (weather permitting) and make a set to sell.





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