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Food Painting on the Floor!

It's hungry work but someone's got to paint 'em......and short of space in my bedroom/studio, the only place is on the floor!     

Actually, there's something really satisfying about painting food....the swirl or icing on a fairy cake (I refuse to Americanise that word!), the shine on a lobster shell and the pretty, pastel macaroons, all whet your appetite nicely. So fingers crossed they'll be gobbled off the walls in Mayfield's new cafe!

This is how it all looked an hour ago, so I'll keep you posted once the paint comes out.

....sometime later....

Then, the bit I really love doing (which normally I'd leave until the end but today I just can't wait!)....the GOLD FINGER!

...easy does it....

Big red tomatoes!

And for the main course....

et le fin de lobster!


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